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Lancing pipe

What the lancing pipe is?

The large walls are unobtrusive and the low pressure method is used to extract the molten metal from the faucet holes. When the faucet hole needs to be opened, this is done with the help of low carbon induction welded high frequency induction cast steel tubes that can maintain pressures up to 750 psi without the proper size 8mm, 15mm NB or 25mm NB in ​​specific cases • Chat room General Public Chat Room At high pressure, oxygen is injected into the tape hole through these tubes, and the molten metal begins to flow. Pipe consumption is determined by the type of ferroalloy, steel plant, copper or zinc simulator. These intake tubes are usually used to open the faucet holes under them.

Nominal Bore

The famous plate is not the same as OD (Outer Diameter), it is basically a name and especially the name of the tube. As per Indian standards, tubes are classified according to their outer diameter and not according to ID (internal diameter). This is because the tubes must be shaped on both ends or at one end so that the OD cannot be different from what is described.

Besides there are other industrial advantages

Lower Down Time:-

As infrequent replacement is required, the down time is reduced directly by 2.5 times. This brings a minimum savings of 5 mins. Per heat and at 17/18 heats a day it translates into 90 mins., ie. 1.5 hrs/day. This is equal to 450 hrs/year.

This saving of 450 hrs/years gives the following,

  • Savings in Electricity Cost equivalent to 450 hrs/year.
  • Savings in Labour Cost 450 hrs/year.
  • Higher yield equivalent to 450 hrs/year.
  • Lower Inventory Cost.
  • Lesser space for storage of Lancing Pipes.

Therefore it is prudent to use PCC Pipes for Lancing especially in the charged scenario of the open economy where for any industry to survive in competition it is necessary to increase efficiency, quantity and decrease costs.

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