ERW is where strip edges are mechanically squeezed together and welded. The warmth for welding is created by the tubing through shoes which go about as sliding contacts. An enlistment loop can likewise be utilized with the high recurrence current to initiate current in the edges of the strip (acceptance welding).

Welded linepipe isn't generally produced by the Electric Resistance Weld (ERW) process. The make of welded linepipe by the ERW procedure starts with loops of hot moved sheet steel, which are cut by a slitting machine into segments of exact width expected to create a coveted breadth of pipe. The opening loops are encouraged into the pipe/tube factories which icy shape the level strip of steel into a tubular chamber by a progression of decreased framing rolls. The item is then welded along the joint pivot through ERW. The welded tube at that point goes under a device that expels the outside blaze coming about because of the weight amid welding. Inside blaze may likewise be expel in like manner by cutting instruments. The pipe is then subjected to such post-weld warm treatment of the welded crease just or treatment of the full cross-segment of the pipe to exact measurement resiliences. The item is cooled and after that cut at the and of the pipe process by a flying shear or saw.