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High Frequency Induction Welded

In High Frequency Induction (HFI) Welded Pipe creation measure, hot moved steel curls are taken care of with a high limit aggregator to accomplish consistent welding. HIGH-FREQUENCY WELDING is a welding cycle in which the warmth source used to soften the joining surfaces is acquired from high-recurrence (HF) substituting current (ac) obstruction warming. The high-recurrence acceptance (HFI) opposition pressure welding method for longitudinal welding. The unending strip goes through moving stands where it is molded to an open line, which goes through a high-recurrence inductor comprising of a metal loop with single or numerous windings. Thus, high-recurrence ring current is instigated into the line that closes ideally at the strip edges which combine in the welding point. The temperature needed for welding is produced by obstruction warming of a thin zone along the strip edges. The warmed strip edges are scarcely gotten together by pressure rollers, achieving a homogeneous longitudinal weld with no filler metals. The burst made inside and outside surfaces during welding is scratched off to the level of the line surface with phenomenal instruments.

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High Frequency Induction Welded

  • Using its specialist expertise in high frequency welding, TWI has supported industry with a range of project and consultancy work which has included:
  • mechanical properties of welded pipe
  • metallurgical studies on welds
  • defect examination
  • optimisation studies on HF butt welding of tailored blanks
  • Resource:
  • testing facilities for fracture mechanics studies
  • corrosion & metallurgical test equipment
  • non-destructive testing
  • process advice & troubleshooting
  • Application Areas:
  • HFW welded steel pipes are broadly liked in Oil, Natural Gas, Water and different fluids transportation and conveyance lines, warming, cooling, ventilation funneling and steel structures for development and other general purposes by methods for exact creation resiliences and high limit fabricating strategy.


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